HELPAD 147 km - Willem Mucher

On April 26, I organized a small-scale (ultra) run of 147 km in one go, based on the Hertog Limburg path. This path was originally plotted by the St Catharinagilde in Kerkrade and inaugurated in Rolduc in 2010 by Prince Willem Alexander. The route roughly outlines the Duchy of Limburg from the 12th century. Many of the paths on this path are actually passageways of the then dukes. The area was already trilingual at the time.

A booklet has been published by Frits Sprokel that shows the route covered in 10 stages. I’ve made some changes to the trail to get more miles through forests and trails and less miles on tarmac and past churches. It is such a walk on the edge of a trail with about 31% through woods, 31% on asphalt and 38% on trails, some of which may be very swampy, especially along the Geul. There are many wide views, especially from Grube Adolf near Herzogenrath you can look around 40km in good weather. Click here to download the GPX file. You can also view the facebook page here.

As shorter distances I suggest Limbourg-Vaals (34km), and Limbourg-Kerkrade (67.5 or 69km). The planned drink stations are at 34, 69, 89 and 110 km. The course is completed almost autonomously, dropping bags can be left behind and I will provide an opportunity to charge your GPS. I’m still thinking about a control system instead of checkpoints. I ask €10 pp for the 140 and 69 km and €5 pp for the 34 km to cover the costs and to apply for permits if necessary.

The start is joint for all distances at 12.00, the briefing is at 11.30. The time limit is 24h for the 141km, 12h for the 69km and 6h for the 34km. Volunteers are more than welcome!

Sunset is at 20.49, sunrise at 6.16

Start Limbourg (Belgium) 0 km
Forest entrance 2.5 km (path 1.5 km, asphalt 1 km)
Eupen 10.5 (forest 8 km)
Aachener Wald 18.5 km (path 6 km, asphalt 2 km)
3 Country point 31.5 km (forest 11.5 km, path 1.5 km)
Vaals 34 km (asphalt 2.5 km)
Laurensberg 40.5 km (forest 1 km, path 2 km, asphalt 3.5 km)
Wormdal 43.5 km (path 1 km, asphalt 2.5 km)
Herzogenrath 53.5 km (forest 10 km))
Grube Adolf 60.5 km (trail 3.5 km, asphalt 3 km)
Rolduc 67.5 km (forest 7.5 km)
Kerkrade 69 km (path 1.5 km)
Horbach 73.5 km (forest 2 km, path 2.5 km)
Bocholtz 77.5 km (trail 2 km, asphalt 2 km)
Wittem 86.5 km (forest 3 km, path 6 km)
Mechelen 89 km (trail 2.5 km)
Teuven 99 km (forest 8.5 km, asphalt 1.5 km)
Val Dieu 110 km (forest 2 km, path 7 km, asphalt 1 km)
Aubel 120.5 km (path 7.5 km, asphalt 3 km)
Henri-Chappelle 127.5 km (forest 2 km, path 3.5 km, asphalt 2 km)
Welkenraedt 132 km (path 1 km, asphalt 3.5 km)
Baelen136 km (path 1 km, asphalt 3 km)
Finish Limburg 140.5 km (1.5 km, 3 km)
In total 43 km of forest, 54 km of trails, 43.5 km of asphalt (30.5%, 38.5%, 31.00%)

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